Claudia Faggian

Chargée de Recherche, CNRS

Laboratoire IRIF - Équipe PPS ,

Université de Paris
Case 7014
75205 PARIS Cedex 13

Office: 3032

Email : faggian AT


I work on rewriting, probabilistic computation, proof theory, lambda calculus, interactive semantics.

The focus of my reserach is the study of computation within a mathematical and proof-theoretical framework. The ambition of the community is to provide a sound foundation to new model of computation, and a powerful set of abstract tools for the study and development of programming languages.

Modern computation involves features, such as parallelism, concurrency, and effects (probabilistic , non-deterministic, and quantum effects are all examples). To be able to study such complex systems we need both to develop suitable new techniques, and to build on a crisp, strong understanding of classical results.
I am interested in both, focussing on rewriting.

Currently, I am especially interested in the development of theoretical tools to support the analysis of probabilistic computation, and its operational properties. I work on probabilistic rewriting and probabilistic lambda-calculus.

Previously, I investigated interaction-based models of computation in a parallel setting, with parallelism intended as concurrency, but also as probabilistic and quantum parallelism (Geometry of Synchronization, and before, Ludics and Game Semantics)

Recent Publications

Please check DBLP. Most of my recent papers are available on ArXives

Old Publications: 1996--2010

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