Hekate — a highly-concurrent BitTorrent seeder.

Hekate is a BitTorrent seeder (informally, a ‘‘BitTorrent server’’, or software for your ‘‘seedbox’’) designed to handle millions of simultaneous torrents and tens of thousands of simultaneously connected peers.

(This is not a typo. We envision Hekate to be used just like a web server -- just dump millions of torrents into your public_torrents directory, without worrying which are popular.)

Hekate is written in CPC, an experimental concurrent dialect of C. In order to build Hekate, you will need to install the CPC compiler first.

Features and limitations

Hekate has the following features:

Hekate has the following limitations, many of which are there by design:


Please read


Hekate is experimental software, and is currently only available from a Git repository:

git clone git://kerneis.info/hekate
git clone git://github.com/kerneis/hekate.git

You may also browse Hekate's source code on Github.


Hekate was written by Pejman Attar, Yoann Canal, Juliusz Chroboczek and Gabriel Kerneis.

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