Ogonkify is a package allowing to add composite (accented) characters to Postscript fonts. Standalone, it allows one to do correct printouts from Netscape and other programs in most Latin-alphabet based languages. It is also integrated to a2ps.

Supported languages

The current version of ogonkify contains data files that support printing in all variants of Times-Roman, Courier and Helvetica in a wide range of languages including all languages covered by ISO 8859-2 (in particular most European languages written in the Latin alphabet), and Turkish.

The precise list of characters can be found in this table.


The basic use of ogonkify is documented in the ogonkify manual page.

If your language is not covered by ogonkify, it is not difficult to add data for new characters; read the full ogonkify manual (contents) to learn how to do that.


You can download the current stable-ish version of ogonkify here: ogonkify.tar.gz.

WARNING: Much of the ogonkify code is written in Perl. Browsing Perl code will threaten your mental health and may be illegal in your locality. By following the above link you certify that you are a consenting person and that it is legal for you to view Perl code.

Please read this document on extending Ogonkify to support the PostScript output from more programs.

You may also want to check Cedilla, which lifts many of the limitations in ogonkify. (Cedilla is a plain text typesetter, not a PostScript tweaker.)

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Juliusz Chroboczek