Adding Ogonkify support to your application

I regularly receive requests to add support to ogonkify for munging the PostScript output from more programs. Most of them ask for support for recent versions of XFig and for gnome-print.

The Ogonkify package consists of two parts. The ‘‘’’ header and the ‘‘composeglyphs’’ program generate fonts with accented glyphs. The ‘‘ogonkify’’ script modifies PostScript output to use the generated fonts.

Originally, I intended that the ‘‘ogonkify’’ script would be used with closed-source proprietary software only; free and more generally open-source software would be modified to use the fonts generated directly. As a short term convenience, however, I implemented support in the ‘‘ogonkify’’ script for a number of free applications.

This was a mistake, as it prevented many free software authors from hearing about ogonkify and implementing direct support for international fonts. At the time of writing, more than three years after the initial release of ogonkify, only a2ps can use ogonkify directly.

I have decided that I will not add any new support to the ‘‘ogonkify’’ script.

Adding internationalisation support to your application

Adding internationalisation support to your application is very easy, at least in the case of European scripts. Simply allow the user to specify the encoding vector used with Type 1 fonts; the default should come from the user’s locale.

If this is the case, and your application generates DSC-compliant PostScript, than you’re done: you only need to pipe your output through ‘‘ogonkify -AT -H’’ to get full support for European characters in Courier, Times and Helvetica.

If you want to provide full support for Ogonkify, your application should additionally download the ‘‘’’ procset and the ‘‘*-o.pfa’’font files to the printer and use the ‘‘*-Ogonki’’ fonts.

Please note: the Ogonkify package is currently under the Gnu General Public Licence. Please contact me if this licence makes using Ogonkify in your application awkward or impossible, I am quite likely to be sympathetic to your needs.

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Juliusz Chroboczek