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3.8.1 Internal forbidden list

The file pointed at by the variable forbiddenFile (defaults to ~/.polipo-forbidden or /etc/polipo/forbidden, whichever exists) specifies the set of URLs that should never be fetched. If forbiddenFile is a directory, it will be recursively searched for files with forbidden URLs.

Every line in a file listing forbidden URLs can either be a domain name — a string that doesn’t contain any of ‘/’, ‘*’ or ‘\’ —, or a POSIX extended regular expression. Blank lines are ignored, as are those that start with a hash sign ‘#’.

By default, whenever it attempts to fetch a forbidden URL, the browser will receive a 403 forbidden error from Polipo. Some users prefer to have the browser display a different page or an image.

If forbiddenUrl is not null, it should represent a URL to which all forbidden URLs will be redirected. The kind of redirection used is specified by forbiddenRedirectCode; if this is 302 (the default) the redirection will be marked as temporary, if 301 it will be a permanent one.