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2.4 The local web server

Polipo includes a local web server, which is accessible on the same port as the one the proxy listens to. Therefore, by default you can access Polipo’s local web server as ‘http://localhost:8123/’.

The data for the local web server can be configured by setting localDocumentRoot, which defaults to /usr/share/polipo/www/. Setting this variable to ‘""’ will disable the local server.

Polipo assumes that the local web tree doesn’t change behind its back. If you change any of the local files, you will need to notify Polipo by sending it a SIGUSR2 signal (see Stopping).

If you use polipo as a publicly accessible web server, you might want to set the variable disableProxy, which will prevent it from acting as a web proxy. (You will also want to set disableLocalInterface (see Web interface), and perhaps run Polipo in a chroot jail.)