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2.4.1 The web interface

The subtree of the local web space rooted at ‘http://localhost:8123/polipo/’ is treated specially: URLs under this root do not correspond to on-disk files, but are generated by Polipo on-the-fly. We call this subtree Polipo’s local web interface.

The page ‘http://localhost:8123/polipo/config?’ contains the values of all configuration variables, and allows setting most of them.

The page ‘http://localhost:8123/polipo/status?’ provides a summary status report about the running Polipo, and allows performing a number of actions on the proxy, notably flushing the in-memory cache.

The page ‘http://localhost:8123/polipo/servers?’ contains the list of known servers, and the statistics maintained about them (see Server statistics).

The pages starting with ‘http://localhost:8123/polipo/index?’ contain indices of the disk cache. For example, the following page contains the index of the cached pages from the server of some random company:


The pages starting with ‘http://localhost:8123/polipo/recursive-index?’ contain recursive indices of various servers. This functionality is disabled by default, and can be enabled by setting the variable disableIndexing.

If you have multiple users, you will probably want to disable the local interface by setting the variable disableLocalInterface. You may also selectively control setting of variables, indexing and listing known servers by setting the variables disableConfiguration, disableIndexing and disableServersList.